January 2020 Board Meeting - Notes

Corvidae Press Annual Meeting

Sunday, January 19, 2020, 1pm - 3 pm

Election of Officers:

The following members have volunteered to serve as board members for the upcoming year:

President: Andrea Lawson, 1st year
Vice President: Margaret Woodcock, 1st year
Treasurer: Peggy Masters, 1st year
Secretary: Lauretta Frost, 2nd year
Membership: Sharon Schlentner, 2nd year
Fort Worden Partners/Public Development Authority (PDA) Liaison: Dorothy Stengel, 1st year
Members at Large: Treeya Zukas and Randy Arnest

A new position, Studio Steward, will be filled by Margaret Woodcock.  Margaret will monitor studio supplies and the general condition of the studio and presses.

All were unopposed and elected unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report:

Dorothy reported that rent at the studio will increase incrementally over the coming year.  Corvidae currently has the funds to cover the cost of the increase, however 2021 will be challenging as we will be paying the full increase in rent.  Members were advised to be conservative in purchasing studio supplies out of petty cash, and to donate or use their own supplies whenever possible.  Use rags instead of paper towels.  If your printing process is unique, please provide your own supplies.


Most of the members from 2019 have renewed their membership.  Two new members have joined and two more have expressed an interest in joining.  Dues will have to increase in 2021 to cover the increase in studio rent.  However, compared to other, similar cooperative print studios, our dues are still quite low.

All new members may contact Sharon for information, including an orientation to the studio, the code for the lock boxes, and to be assigned drawer space for paper and a plastic bin for supplies

Amendments to the By-Laws:

Margaret and Dorothy have finished editing the by-laws for clarity.  Margaret explained that every member is required to sign a form stating that they will abide by the by-laws.  By-laws also include vital information, such as the process  Corvidae needs to follow in the event of a dissolution of the organization.  All important documents will be stored in the filing cabinet at the studio.


Although Corvidae members are still interested in soliciting workshops from outside the group, it was suggested that members could also give either workshops or demonstrations.  Anyone wishing to do so should contact Margaret.

The solarplate workshop has been postponed.

Studio Concerns/Updates:

A date was set for the annual studio clean up: Sunday, February 9th.

We have no janitorial service.  Studio maintenance is our responsibility all year long.  Please remember to sweep, take out the trash, wash towels when needed, and keep the sink clean.

Centrum has notified us that the annual children's program will take place from March 1-6.  Please note that the studio will be unavailable as they will have exclusive use during that week.

Print Exchange

In Focus/Out of Focus was the theme suggested for the annual print exchange.  Interested members should contact Sharon to participate.


Todd will continue as our webmaster.  Please help him keep our website up to date.  Send images or links to the contact page on our website: admin@corvidaepress.com.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Lauretta Frost