July 2019 Board Meeting - Notes

Corvidae Press Annual Meeting

Thursday, July 18, 2019, 5:30 


Margaret, Nancy, Sharon, Andrea, Dorothy, Lauretta

Treasurer’s Report (Dorothy):

We have a current balance of $13,785.70. Dorothy is concerned about the amount of petty cash being spent lately, as it is more than usual, along with a reminder to all members to keep better records. Separate receipts from purchases (rather than part of one's personal purchases) are helpful. Please note any purchases in the notebook in the canister, including your name, the item purchases, and the amount. Dorothy will write a procedure for petty cash purchases.

PDA /Partners:

Treeya is away, so Margaret reported that the Partners are not meeting in July. Nancy volunteered to attend the next meeting which will take place in August.


Three potential members have contacted Todd through our website, so interest is growing. Sharon invited them to the print exchange and studio tour. There is a concern about how many members we can reasonably accommodate. Currently, we have 29.

Print Exchange

The Print Exchange is this Sunday, from 1:00-3:00 at the Rosewind Commons. All members are invited to attend. One person has dropped out, leaving us with 17 participants.


Martha Pfanschmidt's mixed media workshop in July was a success, and she has offered to do another one.

Marsha Slomowitz has volunteered to teach a drypoint workshop.

Studio Concerns/Updates:

A reminder to all members to use the appropriate cleaning methods for studio brayers. Soap and water should be used for water-based inks, and vegetable oil for oil-based inks.

Andrea will take an inventory of our brayers and will determine what is needed.

Blankets were found for the middle press, the Whelan.


Some updating needs to be done on our website, including member's information and links to their websites and images, if any. Announcements, member galleries and recent news should all be updated regularly. Send any new information to our webmaster, Todd, from the contact page on our website: admin@corvidaepress.com.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30.

Respectfully submitted,
Lauretta Frost