September 2019 Board Meeting - Notes

Corvidae Press Annual Meeting

Thursday, September 19, 2019, 5:30 



Treasurer’s Report (Dorothy):


Membership (Sharon):


Fort Worden Partners/PDA (Treeya):

Construction has started for Maker’s Square; tours of site, week of 9/16 Who from Corvidae attended on September 19th ?

Website update

  • Send any updates to Todd from contact page on website:
  • Margaret had asked all board members to review the website, any comments?

Margaret proposes that we postpone this discussion until October, perhaps look at site together and spend most of meeting time on it?


  • Open studio, August 17 & 18, report?
  • Margaret cleaned, oiled and put new registration grid on the American French Tool press and, with Treeya, put new grid on small press.
  • Remind membership about releasing pressure on the Whalen press since we are using a thick blanket instead of non-existent “rubber” pad
  • Supplies?


  • • Margaret met Jane Pagliarulo from Atelier Meridian in Portland at Corvidae studio on September 12. She has offered to do a workshop on Solar Plate printing. I am waiting for her proposal for a workshop late October or early November. It would be a two-day weekend workshop, cost to stay between $125-$150. Margaret will update when specific information is given to her from Jane.

Updating the Corvidae brochure: please review and add comments: “I was looking over the Corvidae brochure and noticed a few items that need to be updated. Geralynn mentioned the Printer's Devil category, which no longer exists, But there were a few other items that either need updating (our address) or clearer language.” Lauretta

With comments, Margaret will edit the brochure and make updates

Additional agenda items:

Next Board meeting October 17, 5:30-6:30pm.