October 2019 Board Meeting - Notes

Corvidae Press Annual Meeting

Thursday, October 17, 2019, 5:30 

Present: Sharon, Andrea, Treeya (left early), Margaret

Agenda Item

Treasurer’s Report:

Dorothy was unable to attend meeting so no treasurer’s report yet for October. However from September report we are running in the red.


  • Membership remains at 29.
  • We had a discussion about increasing the dues for 2020 as Dorothy reported last month that the dues are not covering all our expenses. Rent has gone up slightly and will go up again next year although we do not have the actual rate increase. Board decided that since we have not had a dues increase for 10 years that it is time. Dues for 2020 will be $300. It is possible that they may need to increase again depending on our actual rent increase.
  • Andrea will contact Uptown Dental about a Corvidae group show sometime in the future.
  • The board set a date for the December Holiday Potluck and Brown Bag Exchange: Friday, December 6, 6pm

Fort Worden Partners/PDA

  • Treeya has been attending the PDA/Partners meetings. PDA is looking for tenants for new Makers Square project but we are not interested in proposing use of studio in this new development. It is costly and we are a non profit group. PDA is looking for money making groups. Our arrangement with Centrum is working well and Centrum plans to continue support for us for at least the next 4-5 years. Meanwhile the Partners group is solidifying their support for existing groups at Fort Worden and working with PDA for more transparency and fairness in rental rates.
  • An updated recycle chart has been placed on the bulletin board. Please review as the recycle bins have been a problem with inappropriate materials placed in bins; it is costly and ineffective for Fort Worden.


  • Two lights in press room are out but reported to Lisa. Also the back door loose lock was reported; we are waiting for maintenance response to both.
  • Dorothy is working on label updates for flat files and boxes.


  • Still no confirmation from Jane Pagliarulo from AtelierMeridian in Portland to conduct a solar plate workshop. She was off to Italy for a trip and has not responded to Margaret’s emails or calls.
  • Marsha S proposed a drypoint workshop to be conducted through auspice of PTSA. The board discussed this and decided that our precedence precludes this arrangement. We do not want Corvidae to be viewed as an extension of classroom space for PTSA or any group/individual: we need to protect our members as we are a guild of dues paying members that buy in to the 24/7 availability of the studio. That said we do have arrangements with Centrum for artists in residence use and youth explorations groups. We would be happy to support Marsha conducting a drypoint workshop for Corvidae members as members are asking for more workshops.
  • Youth Explorations group has requested February 29, 4pm to March 6, 5pm, 2020 for exclusive use of Corvidae. Board approved; please put on your 2020 calendar.

Updating the Corvidae brochure: Margaret will update the Corvidae brochure to reflect current information and make copies available by check in book.

Website update

  • Margaret will contact Todd about updating the website to eliminate old member pictures and links. Any member that would like links to their images or website, please send Todd picture files and links so he can update with current member photos of work.
  • Also, please take pictures at Corvidae events like the open studio and send to Todd. There is a current news or event documentation page.

Next Board meeting November 21, 5:30-6:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Lauretta Frost