April 2019 Board Meeting - Notes

Corvidae Press Annual Meeting

Thursday, April 18, 2019, 5:30 

Present: Margaret, Nancy, Sharon, Dorothy, Treeya, Lauretta

Agenda Item

Treasurer’s Report:

Dorothy reported that Corvidae currently has $15,626.65 in the account. She will work with a CPA to file our taxes for 2018.

PDA /Partners:

TTreeya reported that the open house on April 2nd, sponsored by Corvidae, was enjoyable and successful. All who attended were very positive and impressed with the studio, print examples, and frequency of members utilizing the studio.

Post Office Box

The mail is now being delivered to our mail box at the Centrum office. The new address is:
  &nbps;Corvidae Press
  &nbps;200 Battery Way, Box 4
  &nbps;Port Townsend, WA 98368


Sharon distributed copies of the current membership list. Any changes should be directed to Sharon for correction. Board members discussed the idea of requesting all members fill out membership forms at the annual meeting in order to keep information current. The possibility of posting a membership form on our website was also raised.


Martha Pfanschmidt has agreed to do a chine colle' demonstration on May 16th, following the next Board meeting. She has also agreed to do a mixed media monotype workshop in July. The cost would be $120.00 for a 2-day workshop, $10.00 more for non-members. The deadline to sign up has been set for the end of June, however, it is limited to 6-7 participants and will probably fill up quickly.

Our first Ink and Drink night will follow tonight's meeting. Future Ink and Drink nights would probably include printmaking demonstrations, workshops, or a critique.

Print Exchange

One of the members has dropped out of the Print Exchange, leaving 16 currently signed up, so anyone participating will need to create 18 prints. A new deadline for the print exchange has been set for July 12th.

Studio Concerns/Updates

Margaret has been researching information about our presses. Manuals have been difficult to come by. Replacement parts are no longer manufactured for the middle press, the Whelan. A new mat is needed for it, so suitable replacements were suggested. When the roller rests on it, it becomes indented over time. When the old mat is replaced, the new mat should be removed after use and an old one placed under the roller when not being used.

The big press, made by American Tool, needs oil and maintenance. It is difficult to find someone who is experienced in this type of work. Margaret has also tried, unsuccessfully, to find a manual for the press online but will continue looking.

Product use was discussed. Smart Strip and Soy Solv are low VOC and therefore approved for use. Ready Strip is not.

Low-cost items on the Supply Needs List should be purchased with petty cash.

The key to the hallway door, leading to the restrooms, has been fixed.

Website Update

Margaret requested that we remember to take pictures at all events and send them to Todd to be posted on our website. Also, send any updates regarding members' websites, examples of work, etc. to Todd from the contact page on our website: admin@corvidaepress.com.

Margaret will request that Todd put all members names on our website.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30.

Next Board meeting with an Ink and Drink and chine colle' demonstration to follow: May 16th.

Respectfully submitted,
Lauretta Frost