January 2019 Board Meeting - Notes

Corvidae Press Annual Meeting

January 6, 2019, 1-3pm

Attendance: 16 members in attendance

Election of Officers for 2019:

President: Margaret Woodcock, 2nd year;
Vice-President: Nancy Fredrick, 2nd year;
Treasurer: Dorothy S. will continue until another person steps up;
Secretary: Lauretta was elected for 2 years;
Membership: Sharon Schlentner was elected for 2 years;
PDA Liaison: Treeya Zukas, 2nd year;
Member at Large: Andrea Lawson, 2nd year

Treasurer’s Report:

Rent will go up but has not been implemented yet; expenses matched 2018 income to within a couple hundred dollars. We pay for PO Box and will keep for more secure mail exchange;
Dorothy will check on using it for package deliveries. Centrum has reimbursed by not charging monthly rent when residencies occur; we need to revisit our agreement re: Artists in Residence, i.e. # per year, prior notification to Corvidae, and consistency in what & how information is conveyed to residents.


  • Ended 2018 with 35 members, 1 honorary and 1 in kind trade (website)
  • So far, 12 renewals; 6 past members have indicated no renewal for 2019. Sharon will contact via email all members with reminder to pay now. Send checks to PO Box 2092, PT WA 98368
  • To advertise, Margaret will design a flyer to post around town.

Studio concerns/updates:

  • New ferric chloride, countertop convection oven to use with BIG ground, available for all to use now
  • Supply needs list; for items under $20 please purchase, then use petty cash box to refund your purchase leaving receipt in the box.
  • It was agreed by all that when entering the studio, unlock the door, bring in your materials, then re-lock and leave the key in the lock box while you are working in the studio, rather than bringing the key inside and leaving next to sign in sheet or anywhere else in the studio.Studio clean up scheduled for Saturday, February 2. 10am-12pm, to include maintaining the presses if we get information to do so.

Website update:

  • Randy will reach out to Todd to see if he is still interested in member exchange for website management. If not, Board will explore options.

Printmakers Hand IV:

  • Great success with 4 Corvidae members selected as well.

Fort Worden Partners:

February 5 2:30-5pm, Partners meeting will be hosted by Corvidae with help from Lisa Werner.
We will conduct an open house with possible demos by Marion; we ask that members show
up to help and to post their work around the studio for display. This is our opportunity to feature
what we do and appreciate Centrum’s support for us. Please Participate as you can.

Print Exchange for 2019:

Sharon and Debra will coordinate. Theme suggestion was to use a line of poetry as inspiration. Send any suggestions to Sharon ASAP.


Margaret will put together a workshop on using the newer ground BIG for line etching and aquatint.
Sidonie will put together a workshop on monotype with natural materials.

Next board meeting: January 31; 5:30-6:30