December 2018 Board Meeting - Notes

Attendance: Andrea, Margaret, Randy, Nancy, Debra Brochin joined us. Treeya
arrived late and gave report

Treasurer’s Report:

Dorothy was not able to attend but generously left at the studio the current budget summary for 2018 along with some questions to the Board. We tried to decipher the report but had questions we could not answer confidently.

  • Yes to Dorothy checking into Centrum Rebate for usage
  • Petty cash: Did Dorothy get petty cash receipts and annotated? What types of things have members been reimbursing themselves for that is different from last year?
  • Later we noted book where members wrote descriptions of items bought with petty cash so maybe that answers the question.
  • Question about if people are aware about what items they can spend petty cash on and not on other extraneous items.
  • What is the actual current balance and how much did the Printmakers Hand make or lose? Confirm with Dorothy checking account balance amount is $12,521.88?
  • Do we need to generate more income? This related to question about supply costs increase from 2017-2018. But we decided that the increase was primarily disposing and renewing the ferric chloride; a much needed renewal and happens every 5-7 years maybe.
  • Are workshops income generating and should we try to do more as we had none last year?
  • We did not approve treasurers report because we are waiting to get above questions answered from Dorothy.

PDA/Partner’s Report: Treeya

Treeya has been attending regular Fort Warden Partners meetings and is getting a good sense of their concerns and process. Fortopia will be revisited for 2020.

We have a mailbox for Corvidae through Centrum. Not set up yet. Discuss mailbox situation at next Board meeting.

Margaret wants to address Artist in Resident agreement with Centrum. Who to ask about renewing? No more than 6 (?) residents per year, need orientation etc., problems with residencies and communication Margaret will work on this.

Contact Centrum about how this works. We have concerns because the new person taking Martha’s place may not know what is going on. Centrum liaison person needed.

Artist Residences/Studio upkeep:

  • Treeya expressed concern about the cleanliness of the studio; members or resident artists or both?
  • Action: Re-orient members to rules, door lock etc. at annual meeting and maybe email also.
  • Problem with communication with Artist Residents: please remind at meeting and email about orientation and rules, clean up issues etc. When Nancy joined us, she expressed concern about people cleaning up and knowing the rules a door was left unlocked one day. Nancy also suggested creating a written orientation and to post and email it as well as presenting in person to new residents. This is not in leu of real orientation by Centrum rep.
  • Action: Margaret gracefully offered to create this orientation list.
  • Action: Need to schedule work party, add as agenda item for Annual Meeting, Jan. 6
  • And: Remind members, ferric tank is for copper only!!!!!

Membership Report: Randy

  • Updates on membership, still at 33 paid, 1 honorary and 1 in trade for website dev. and maintenance.
  • Membership renewal, January 2019 Send reminder to guild, payment at January annual meeting

Status of Open Board Positions: to be voted on at January Annual Meeting.

Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator
Centrum liaison person??

Corvidae Annual Meeting:

Date set for Sunday, January 6, 2019, 1-3pm, Potluck and Meeting
Rose Wind Common house: 3131 Haines Street, PT
$1/person $10 minimum. No street shoes. Slippers and shoe covers available

Holiday Sale December 1 Report: To be presented at annual meeting.

Studio Supply needs/concerns: Andrea

No current needs.

Items for Discussion? Broken small inking glass

Small glass on counter needs to be replaced. Accidental damage by Andrea. Margaret has donated and Randy figured out how to remove old glass. Possibly it is not even glued down but stuck because of ink? Andrea will clean up and put on new glass but if anyone knows if there is a method please let her know.

Next Board Meeting: January 6, 2019 Annual Meeting 1-3pm