September 2018 Board Meeting - Notes

Present: Randy, Treeya, Sidonie, Todd, Margaret, Andrea

Treasurer's Report

  • 33 paid members, 1 honorary and 1 comped (Todd for website design)
  • Rent is paid and insurance, liability and property tax were recently paid
  • Next month, city business license will be due

PDA/Partners Report

  • Fortopia is October 7-12, 2018
  • Corvidae will host an Open House (similar to Studio Tour), Tuesday, October 9
  • We need a few volunteers to participate with demo printing, etc.
  • Monday, October 8, 2018 – time TBA – we need a volunteer from Corvidae to sit at the info desk
  • Margaret graciously volunteered to take that shift
  • Treeya will go to a training session tomorrow and will ask:
  • What time are we signed up to host an open house
  • What time are we signed up to volunteer at the info desk
  • Centrum's artist residencies happen on a rolling basis, and our agreement with Centrum allows them to use our facility, and do not generally require us to be out of the studio during that time
  • We haven't heard definitively whether the dates for the November young artists workshop are set
  • We also need to determine what the hours are that they will use the studio, so we could potentially use the studio during evening hours
  • Martha offered to train the residents on proper use of the studio and equipment
  • Dorothy will look into pro-rating rent

Membership Report

  • No change

Studio Tour

  • Northwinds asked us to fill out a survey
  • Geralynn gave Margaret some feedback to share
  • Members of the board who were present thought it was a very successful studio
  • Lots of people who came through enjoyed looking at the print exchange exhibit – it was good to get that framed before the studio tour
  • Around 100 people signed the sign-in sheets for Corvidae

Studio Supply Needs

  • Margaret suggested buying a small convection oven which works for a new ground process she has learned and likes
  • The board approved $300 for this purchase
  • Margaret will give a workshop on this technique next spring when she has tested out soft ground as well as hard ground and some other techniques
  • We could use more rolls of newsprint
  • In lieu of rolls, Dorothy has purchased large sheets of newsprint from U-Haul, they are under the tarletan shelf and look like a great size
  • Nothing new listed on the supply request list


  • Todd was present to give us a preview of the new website design — Looks really great!
  • There are still a few outstanding items but the progress looks really good.
  • The board will take a closer
    look and give additional feedback

Next Board Meeting:
Thursday, October 11, 2018 5:30 PM
(during Fortopia!)