August 2018 #2 Board Notes - Minutes

Present: Randy, Nancy, Sidonie

Treasurer's Report

  • Dorothy posted the treasurer's
    report for the month

PDA/Partners Report

  • Centrum has residents coming starting August 20 and would like to use the studio as per our agreement, as well as exclusive use for Centrum residents Nov. 1-4
  • Martha offered to train the residents on proper use of the studio and equipment
  • Margaret was looking into pro-rating rent
  • The board did not have enough members present for a quorum but the present members recommend we open the studio to Centrum residents as requested
  • Nancy suggested someone from Corvidae membership might do regular studio check-ins to make sure everything is going well; any volunteers?
  • Fortopia is in October; Corvidae will host an Open House (similar to Studio Tour) so we'll need volunteers as soon as we have dates/times

Membership Report

  • One of Corvidae's founding members expressed interest in returning but hasn't contacted Randy recently; Randy will get back in touch with her

Studio Tour, August 18-19

  • Studio tour this weekend! 10a– 4p Saturday and Sunday
  • Studio tour volunteers put up a new display of beautiful prints and tidied up the studio — it looks wonderful!


  • New website is still in progress; no update

Next Board Meeting:
Thursday, September 6, 2018 5:30 PM