Loreen Matsushima Gallery

Work Created by Loreen Matsushima

Recently, I have been exploring using plaster of Paris on cardboard collagraph plates. Plaster of Paris is very pliable when wet, which makes it easy to sculpt a textured landscape and etch deep lines for the trees images. Once the medium is dry, the finer lines are etched into the plate using sharp tools such as nails. I find this medium fitting to a new series I am working on, “Gone Trees/Ghost Trees.

“Gone Trees” is my reaction to witnessing a forest axed and decimated within a short period of time. To create a ghostlike image of a tree, (that once stood in the landscape,) I ink the entire plate except for the etched trees. This creates an embossed 3D image of the trees in a surreal landscape.

View more of Loreen's work at her website: www.loreenmatsushima.com