Jay Haskins Gallery

Work Created by Jay Haskins

1954-1956 Art Center School, Los Angeles, CA.
1957-1958 New School of Art, Los Angeles, CA. with Arnold Mesches and others.
1959-1961 Studied independently with Lee Mullican at UCLA and Arthur Okamura in San Francisco, painting in oils.
Studied and worked with printmakers Galen Garwood, Ed Cain, Beth Dunn, Ken Parker and others.

Artist’s Statement:
I enjoy working with various printmaking techniques, monotype, collotype, photo intaglio, etc,, often combining more than one in a print. Also, I’m not a purist, and will sometimes collage onto a print or otherwise alter it to achieve an effect that I like. It’s the process, and the subsequent discovery the unexpected in a print that excites me.

2018 Print Exchange
Print by Jay Haskins man's face
print featuring a tree
printed in brown ink and a faint ring of white