2023 Print Exchange



Corvidae Press is an association of artists who share an interest in printmaking and who support and manage a common, nontoxic printmaking facility dedicated to the pursuit of the printmaker’s craft, with a focus on the education, community, and regional interaction. Corvidae Press is a nonprofit corporation governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership.


We are local artists, many but not all from Port Townsend, who include printmaking in our artwork. Some of us are experienced print makers, trained in a variety of printmaking techniques, others have learned from workshops, books, watching, and most of all working in the print shop. Some of us focus on printmaking as a primary art medium, other members incorporate printmaking in mixed media work, or enjoy printing for variety. Read about the history of Corvidae Press.


Membership at Cordivae Press is limited to 35 and is open to all artists interested and skilled in the printmaker's craft. Master Printer Members may use the print studio 24/7 whenever the spirit moves them.

Our Organization

Printing Facilities

Presses, lightroom, workstations, material, storage are all located in an historic Fort Worden building.

Non-toxic Print Studio

Only biodegradable solvents and cleaners are used.

Corvidae Press offers studio space to members for printmaking and use of the presses
Member Managed, Non-profit

Guild members run and maintain the print shop. All volunteers, we coordinate workshops, print exchanges and exhibits; train new members; staff the studio during events and work together to keep the shop clean and organized.


News & Events